My Friend the Dark


My friend the dark is a unique show for children

from 4 years old and up.

Told as a fable that will transport youngsters to a new dimension. The show encourages them to overcome their fear of the dark by playing games and stimulating the imagination.

“Anything you want is possible as long as you can imagine it”

3 things you should know about the show


My Friend the Dark features moments audience interaction off and on stage.


The show includes short periods of complete blackout designed to transport the audience to a new world


Prior to entering the theater every audience member will receive their own power bracelet against fear to use whenever they feel afraid of the dark.


My friend the Dark tells the story of two sisters who work hard to keeping the world going. They are the daughters of The Queen Moon and King Sun, and with the help of their finds – Gloomy and Optimus- they will show us how darkness allows us to imagine the most incredible things and live the most unexpected adventures