About us

We are a company dedicated to creating immersive sensorial experiences in complete darkness.  Your PITCHBLACK  experience may be with others in a crowded room with performers around you, or it may be alone in the comfort of your home. But it will always be in darkness.

Every PITCHBLACK production is a new world, a new adventure to be enjoyed beyond the limits of sight. Our completely immersive experiences will awaken your imagination and challenge your reality through your other senses, activating every inch of your body.

PITCHBLACK Immersive Experiences is a U.S. endeavor born of a partnership between U.S. theatreC and Teatro Ciego of Argentina, a company with a 15-year history of creating live experiences in complete darkness. Darkness allows us to perceive the world in a new way, and we extend that perception into how we create.  Consequently, we employ artists and technicians with visual disabilities in all our work. Part of our staff and creative team is made up of blind and low-vision individuals.

our vision 

Is to  be recognized as an example of artistic innovation and social inclusion,  developing new forms of art that promote awareness.

Is to achieve a sustained development of the PITCHBLACK theater technique, training new actors with and without visual disabilities, who work in a  socially responsible manner.