what does life taste like?

what do memories smell like?

what does love sound like?


PITCHBLACK creates fully immersive experiences that challenges us,  engages our senses, tests our limits, and ultimately uses darkness to bring captivate us in ways we have never experienced. Whether through a box experience at home, a live or semi-live experience, a team-building workshop or a custom corporate experience, PITCHBLACK will transport you to a mind-opening experience of the senses.  

sensorial boxes


Don’t miss out on a unique and unforgettable experience in your own home. You will receive a box (for one person), complete with instructions to enjoy a journey into the senses - in complete darkness. 


Perfect for socially-distanced or restricted seating venues with allowed public gatherings! You will enter the space and sit in your assigned, socially distanced seat.  You will put on sanitized headphones provided to you, and cover your eyes with a blindfold.  From then on you will hear, smell, taste and feel the exclusive journey we take you on, created by a team of technicians in the space you inhabit, experiencing the journey together with a group, yet maintaining a socially-distanced, safe environment.


This is the fullest level of experience we provide.  You, along with other audience members, will be led into a pitch-black space.  You will be seated and unable to see anything around you. At that point a talented cast of performers and musicians will take you on a fully immersive voyage that will ignite your senses of smell, touch, sound and taste.


PITCHBLACK offers team-building workshops in complete darkness based on the needs of each organization and customized sensorial box experiences for product launchings. Previous clients of Teatro Ciego in South America include Nike, Google S.A. and more. Contact us to start a conversation about truly unique ways to enter the marketplace or challenge the creative boundaries for your team.