Be a part of the most innovative new form of live theatre being created in the world today.

PITCHBLACK immersive Experiences,  is a performing arts and education nonprofit that tells original stories through immersive experiences in complete darkness.

We seek to educate young people through the art of live theatre on how attempting to experience the world from another’s perspective builds empathy and compassion.

We aim to inspire the next generation to understand how our differences can enhance our abilities when art, industry, and government are made accessible.

Today, our company is reliant on project by project support through the efforts of our small, but hard working development team. 


We need your support to do this revolutionary work year round. 

A recurring gift is the most powerful way to support our work.

By donating monthly, quarterly or annually you will become a Producing Partner and enjoy the perks of being part of PITCHBLACK and on the ground floor of the most innovative new artform being developed today.

As a PRODUCING PARTNER You give our artists their first full day of rehearsal for our newest PITCHBLACK production every year.  

You get a personalized audio thank you from the founders and a first day rehearsal audio/photo form the cast & crew for each new production 

As a BRONZE PRODUCING PARTNER You give our artists all of the tools they need to make the PITCHBLACK sensorial experience immersive – scents, tastes, textures, live music and sound – for a month of performances every year. 

You get all of the above and…A pre-show cocktail or edible at our full productions

As a SILVER PRODUCING PARTNER You give our educators the supplies they need to deliver our inclusive educational program, for blind and seeing students at four schools alike, every year.

You get all of the above and…An exclusive pre-show experience at our full productions.

As a GOLD PRODUCING PARTNER You give us state of the art sound design equipment and technology to create an immersive experience for our seeing and blind audiences alike at every live show.

You get all of the above and…Priority ‘boarding’ (seating) at our full productions.

As an ELITE PRODUCING PARTNER You give  a blind or low vision artist their first opportunity to work in live theatre every year.

You get all of the above and…Post-show meet & greet with the cast & creatives at each of our full productions.

As a VISIONARY PRODUCING PARTNER You give the PITCHBLACK experience to a new school where a blind or low vision child will feel more included, and you sustain the development of our next original piece for a full month, every year.

You get 2 seats at each of our full productions including our Spring Showcase and A Backstage Pass to experience the Pitchblack process in action this fall/winter (NDA required)